We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we manage our business. It demands an effortful perspective change by an enterprise leader. I am listing five critical points about an enterprise that we never thought were critical. It’s worth zooming in.

Loss of Value by Attrition

Let me explain…

Synersoft was selected as a recipient of TechXChange Cohort between innovation-driven Indian and UK scale-ups. This event was organized by FICCI, Indian High Commission, UK and partnered by CIIE-IIM, Ahmedabad.

It was a rewarding experience. I am excited to inform you all that our product BLACKbox could earn recognition and appreciation from most participants, investors and of course SME representatives from across the United Kingdom.

We could astonish a few tech companies by the innovations inside the BLACKbox. Following are…

Vishal Shah

I am a leader who can play any requisite role to complement teamwork and achieve results. Over 22 years, through various opportunities in IT, I have evolved.

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