Checkmate answers to those grilling questions…

Synersoft was selected as a recipient of TechXChange Cohort between innovation-driven Indian and UK scale-ups. This event was organized by FICCI, Indian High Commission, UK and partnered by CIIE-IIM, Ahmedabad.

It was a rewarding experience. I am excited to inform you all that our product BLACKbox could earn recognition and appreciation from most participants, investors and of course SME representatives from across the United Kingdom.

We could astonish a few tech companies by the innovations inside the BLACKbox. Following are their apprehensions and my answers.A. In the era of Onedrive, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for cloud backup, how do you see BLACKbox, competing with them? We are not competing with them. We are complementing these solutions. When you intend to backup your data on any of the above clouds, you need to specify folders for which backup will happen. There are three problems and we solve them.

1. User will save data out of the mapped folders with cloud and it will not backup. BLACKbox will not allow the user to save data out of those mapped folders which will make you 100% confident that your data is backed up.

2. user will have control to disable or pause Data Backup on the cloud. BLACKbox will not allow the user to disable or pause data backup.

3. user can save their personal voluminous entertainment (junk for enterprise) which will also be backed up on the cloud. BLACKbox will separate personal and enterprise data and will only push enterprise data on the cloud, making everything efficient.

B. In the era of Office 365 and G-Suite email services, how do you see BLACKbox survive?

We are making it very cost-effective. These products are priced uniformly for all users whether they use all services or not. For example, in an SME of 25 users, hardly 5 users use all email services and rest just use an email client to send and receive emails. These services make them pay the same for all users, for example, G-Suite is 2520 INR per year. We have developed value-added products under the G-Suite app, so the enterprise has an option to pay 2520 per year only for those 5 users and for rest they can pay 350 INR per year. This saves cost by 70%, that too recurring. What do you say?

C. Now everything is moving to the cloud, why are you still promoting hardware?

Everything will never go on the cloud. For engineering, architect, manufacturing companies, their design data is in large volume. It cannot be simply transferred to the cloud smoothly in real-time. Even solutions like AWS started offering devices under hybrid models to store data locally. BLACKbox is hybrid from day one, it can be SSD cached for large files, we have link aggregation for a smooth transfer of files and we also have Breathe on Breathe technology to take care of hardware failure.

D. In data loss and theft prevention, traditional solutions do the job at pretty 80% compared to BLACKbox. why would someone invest in BLACKbox?

In very serious matters like data loss and theft prevention, 80% is as bad as 0%. BLACKbox achieves these objectives in a full proof manner by its signature technologies, i.e. Forced Centralization, Active Recycle Bin, Vault and Workspace, DCDR, USB usage reporting, BCC intercept, email vigilance, internet v/s data isolation, screen capture and deduplication.

I thought this will throw light on why BLACKbox is spreading like fire in the SME segment though there are solutions available.

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah

Founder and CEO

Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

I am a leader who can play any requisite role to complement teamwork and achieve results. Over 22 years, through various opportunities in IT, I have evolved.