Device Obsolescence Notice for your Organization

This communication is for you if you have purchased BLACKbox before 36 months.

Your BLACKbox device has either gone past or approaching its electronic aging. Your users as well as storage requirements might have grown. Your device is already out of warranty. This is a limited time and limited stock opportunity if you are planning to upgrade your device with an outlook of next 5 years.

We had reserved 50 pieces of BLACKbox for this buyback offer and will be offered to our customers on a first come first serve basis. This offer entitles you to upgrade to the latest, powerful, feature-rich BLACKbox Prime T Plus.

Your old BLACKbox will be bought back by us at the same price you bought it a few years ago. You will end up paying difference only.

What will your organization benefit from?

A. You will get a larger, more powerful, feature-rich device with 5 years of hardware warranty.

B. Data migration and installation of the new device will be also included in the quoted price.

C. You will get exceptional ROI on your existing BLACKbox as it will fetch the full price you paid for, though it is depreciated on your books and is at its end of electronic life.

D. The new device is fully functional work from home solution if used with BLACKbox Duo.

E. You can avail new device at current price, which is going to be raised from 1st April 2021.

What will be Synersoft’s benefit?

Synersoft will earn a sense of satisfaction in doing something exceptional for its customers. In this entire activity, Synersoft will be at loss for these 50 devices due to deep discount, migration and implementation cost. We are ready for it as what we are going to earn is invaluable.

The bought back device will be either donated to NGOs who work towards social impact or will be used for our R&D or will be refurbished and sold to small enterprises who cannot afford the new BLACKbox.

Pre-requisite to avail the offer:

A. Your BLACKbox must be older than 42 months.

B. Your AMC must be active,

C. The new BLACKbox must be of the same or larger number of users.

D. It is not valid on software based BLACKbox.

Very Important Note:

This offer is deeply discounted for the benefit of our old customers. We strictly do not entertain any negotiations on this.


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