That mysterious thing, Guess what…

What is that thing which you fully understand, apply, and benefit in a personal capacity but for that same thing, you are clueless in a professional capacity?

Yes, you read it right. There is something which is an integral part of your personal life, we depend on it, and I won’t be exaggerating if I say, we can’t live without it. In a personal capacity, you use it, you use it more and more, and with great expertise.

But when it comes to using the same thing in a professional capacity as a strategist for your organization, you are clueless. You are in dilemma and ignorant to an extent.

That something is mysterious, interesting, and definitely unignorable.

That mysterious thing is Cloud.

In a personal capacity, we use it with great dexterity. May it be messaging, photos, entertainment, healthcare, education, etc.

In a professional capacity, it involves enterprise data of your organization, which could be a business secret, an IPR, customer data, NDA bound information, research, formulations, designs, accounts. That makes it complex. You come across jargon like BCP, RC, DCDR, WFH, VPN, Colo, VPS, VPC, VM, SaaS, IaaS, etc.

For your organization, there can be levels of adoption of Cloud Computing. It starts with the very first level, popularly known as a cloud backup for the off-premise backup.

I have recorded this podcast to help you understand how cloud backup of personal data is different from cloud backup of enterprise data with certain serious mistakes you can avoid. Click on the below link to start playing the podcast.

Best Regards,

Vishal Shah

Founder and CEO,

Synersoft Technologies Private Limited